The moment Geoff Ocran made history lifting the Gordon Brasted Memorial Trophy for Clapton

Geoff Ocran ended last season lifting Clapton’s first silverware in decades – so could he repeat the trick this season?

Geoff and the rest of the Gordon Brasted winning squad wrote themselves into the Tons’ roll of honour on that sunny day in April against Stansted.

Our captain fantastic has made just seven appearances this season due to injury, though, and it’s left fans wondering when he’ll return to action.

We spoke to Geoff for an update.

How is your injury?

Well, it started off as my knee then went to my Achilles which is nearly fully healed so now it’s a case of getting fit. I didn’t have a pre-season so I need play catch up with the rest of the squad.

That’s good news. How long do you think it will be before you are back on the pitch, maybe start of 2017?

Yes that would be a good target.. just have to keep the festive food to a minimum.

That is coincidental as we’ve been asked to ask you what you are doing for Christmas. Apparently you were asked in an interview with the Dogcast last year.


Geoff Ocran interviewed by the Dogcast about his Christmas plans last season

Yes, I remember. I’ll be at home as usual with the family. Staying local. Nothing too expensive, so I’m ready for the January blues.

How do you keep fit when you’re not playing and training?

I try go for runs locally around Wanstead and after this interview I’m going to do a run around Drapers Field not too far from where I live.

What is your favourite chant at Clapton?

i would have to say

– My original chant ‘score a goal for Clapton’

– Peter Moore chant

– A win away (lion sleeps tonight)

– Vince money chant for its pure humour. lol

How do you feel about the cup final win looking back?


Geoff Ocran with a handcrafted cup filled with pyro after the Gordon Brasted Memorial Trophy final 

Having played in this league for around 8 seasons it has to be my biggest achievement along with winning the league with Enfield 1893.

The cup win would actually edge it after losing the two finals previously and what it meant for so many people. I can retire a happy man now.

Retire? No! How old are you and how long do you think you will play for?

I’ll be 32 next month. I used to teach in a college which suited me perfectly as i would finish around 4.30/5. Now I’m in educational recruitment I’m finishing much later which makes midweek games and training more difficult. Even in the cup run last year I was getting to away games around 7.15 due to work. So I’ll have to assess it come end of the season and make a decision.

Shock news! What do you make of the season so far?

Yeah I think Mike got to a point where he thought.. he couldn’t take the team any further which is fair enough as he did a lot of stuff in his own time with his own money regarding Clapton.

Jon has come in with a philosophy which will take time to fully come to fruition but I think he has the right ideas and wants to take the club in the right direction. So patience is the key!

Where will we finish this season? And will you be lifting another cup?

I think, barring an Arsenal-type collapse, Barking will run away with the league. Then really it’s going to be a scrap for the places underneath. I think we can finish top 5 once we get a forward firing consistently.

As long as the cup draw is kind to us (no ridiculous Tuesday night away) then I don’t see why we can’t have a repeat of last year’s final.

Who’s your best mate at Clapton and who’s the best player you’ve played with at Clapton?

Good question…

Best mate was Paul Oshin till he left for greener pastures but it would probably be Jerry as I’ve known him the longest.

Actually I’m also quite close with Nyanja too to be fair.

Best player.. I will have to cheat and name two.. Paul Oshin and Quinton Monville.

Thanks Geoff…

Bit off topic. I like the concept of the Footy Ultras.. getting kids involved and just raising awareness of what the ultras stand for. Critical thinking is becoming more and more absent in today’s society as we’ve seen recently, so it’s good to start them young.



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