Manager Jonny Fowell with Clapton chief exec Vince McBean

Clapton FC players are now receiving travel expenses, new manager Jonny Fowell has revealed.

The issue of players and coaches being out of pocket has long been contentious – and is understood to be a factor in ex-boss Mike Walther’s decision to quit.

However, in an interview with Clapton FC News and the Dogcast, Fowell said chief exec Vince McBean had agreed to provide a travel budget for away games.

He said: “I don’t know how much they get but Vince pays per vehicle, so they get a little bit of travel expenses that way.

“They don’t get wages, they just get what we call diesel money.

“I basically told him to do it because (otherwise) you can’t keep a squad together. And he understands that now.”

It was not made clear if the backroom staff also receive travel expenses, but Fowell said he was used to working within a tight budget anyway.

He said: “Even at Enfield, the Under 21s, I had to buy my own kit, my kit cost me £160. I had to buy my own balls, my own cones, my own bibs.

“I got nothing and that’s Ryman. Their budget is probably £3000 a week up there.”

Asked what he had said to persuade McBean, Fowell added: “I said ‘look. it would help the boys travel’. It’s not a lot of money but it shows that he cares.

“I told Vince I want bibs with numbers. I ordered bibs, which Vince paid, that is £50. He bought some balls. So he has dipped into his pocket which is great for me.”

The full interview is coming soon on the Dogcast, with more excerpts here on Clapton FC News. Subscribe to the Dogcast here.


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